CNG Technology’s service organization is highly trained on CNG Technology equipment and able to meet customer needs for an optimal operation and maintenance of CNG stations located worldwide. A geographically distributed network of service points allows quick response time to any service inquiry worldwide. Remote diagnostic tools ensure effective troubleshooting of equipment operation and upgrade operational software in accordance to customer needs dependent on changing market environments. Remote Diagnostic tools are used for troubleshooting, system monitoring and software upgrade. Web based tools for call center, help desk and service management. Graphical spare parts management and automated order processing.

Application CNG

CNG Technology products allow construction of various kind of CNG stations and thus customers have a wide range of possible choices according to their specific requirement and configurations.


Typically a CNG refuelling station is designed as a function of different site specific parameters such as:

  • * Availability of natural gas from the pipeline or from trailers
  • * Pipeline pressure
  • * Average daily demand of natural gas (flow rate)
  • * Peaks hours CNG demand
  • * Power capacity available at site
  • * Type of vehicles to be refueled


A correct choice of the CNG station design shall consider all of the above variables with the aim of obtaining the best performances with the minimum investment.


Achieving this aim for CNG Technology means:

  • * Maximum refueling speed
  • * Minimum engagement of electric power and the minimum energy    consumption for the compression
  • * Bigger reliability with minimum risks of station stopped for    maintenance
  • * Minimum encumbrance for installation of a plant in a refuelling stations    with multiple fuels
  • * Plant modularity which allows to accompany the development of the    station CNG demand.


Oil & Gas

Since its foundation CNG Technology has been transferring its rocess knowledge and mechanical expertises to equipment destined to Oil & Gas applications. That has allowed CNG Technology to provide, during the time, equipment suitable for a large variety of applications, from gas recompression at wells to gas turbine feeding, to underground storage and many others. 


  • * heavy-duty design
  • * performance flexibility
  • * applicability to different design standards
  • * suitability to various services
  • * sound and sturdy construction
  • * high reliability and availability
  • * low operational costs
  • * low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • * easy and cheap maintenance operations


Such characteristics can all be found in all CNG Technology packages, either equipped with proprietary design machines, or with GE HSR Compressors.

Application fields of CNG Technology compression packages:

  • * Underground gas storage
  • * Fuel gas compression
  • * Gas gathering
  • * Gas flaring shut-down
  • * Wellhead
  • * Gas recovery



The raw biogas comes from the decomposition of natural organic materials and it is generally consisting of a mixture of methane (50-65% ), carbon dioxide and other such called “contaminants”, such as syloxanes, hydrogen sulphide and water.

Recent studies have shown that methane itself when released into the atmosphere has got a negative impact on the planet greenhouse effect. In fact the biogas impact in accelerating the planet climate changes is estimated to be 21 times greater than carbon dioxide. For this reason, any methane releases into the atmosphere must take place after the methane had been oxidized, whist recovering as much energy as possible all over the oxidizing process.

At the present, the most common way of achieving methane oxidation is currently through biogas feed of modified natural gas engines for cogeneration purposes. Besides, a couple more convenient alternatives to the heat&power generation are available, in particular: the bio-methane injection into any private or public gas networks, or the use of it as a vehicle fuel. Both those options do require the raw biogas to be thoroughly cleaned through an appropriate purification process, in order for any contaminants to be removed in accordance with the final product purpose specification (biomethane).


  • * Turnkey solutions, offering a complete system from the digester to the high pressure compressor for vehicles refueling, or re-injection into the pipeline network
  • * Biogas purification systems
  • * Compressors for biomethane
  • * Storages
  • * Dispensers
  • * Reducing and metering cabinets
  • * World Wide Assistance


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